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Generate high-impact, long-lasting results with Healthcare and Medical SEO. Six Search guides searchers to your medical services with expert techniques.

Expert-led Healthcare SEO Services

Web searches around healthcare can lead people to misinformation, untrustworthy sources and unhelpful services that don’t apply to their issues. This doesn’t stop people from searching their symptoms and worries, so having your business come front and centre for them to discover is helpful for both you and the user.

Through digital marketing and medical SEO campaigns, Six Search experts work to ensure that users are immediately introduced to your business and the services that you offer. By displaying the full expertise of your medical professionals, potential patients will see how you can help.

Beyond your users, being clear about what you have to offer and building a positive user experience will help search engines to understand what services you have and where you stand within the healthcare industry.

But to get users’ eyes on your business, SEO for healthcare will be at the forefront of Six Search’s strategy, utilising the carefully curated processes that are designed for the greatest impact.

Data-led SEO to boost your Medical business

SEO isn’t a task for the faint-hearted, with plenty of complex and often crucial decisions and actions being taken almost every day. But, unlike any other form of SEO, healthcare SEO strategies must take limitations into account, ensuring that no content crosses the line.

This is due to the fact that search engines use different techniques to rank medical sites, and can actually hand out serious consequences if a healthcare website does not abide by the rules.

The usual bread and butter SEO approaches aren’t always enough for healthcare SEO purposes, with further industry and competitor research being vital to ensuring you’re following guidelines – along with an expert level of SEO knowledge.

Success within a healthcare organisation looking to boost rankings, generate organic traffic and have a website they’re proud of comes with a strong healthcare SEO strategy and agency, so rely on Six Search to take control and support your journey to success.

Tailor-made Healthcare SEO processes

Passion and creativity have fuelled our expertly designed processes for over 14 years, leading a long list of happy clients who can sit back and enjoy long-lasting results that create a genuine difference.

It’s this perfect blend that sets Six Search healthcare SEO services apart, providing recommendations that break down how strategies and techniques can be implemented that will be needed to see your business succeed and meet the goals you’ve set.

We’re driven and motivated to meet those goals and exceed them, always spotting new opportunities and gaps in which we can develop strategies to further boost your business rankings. Our healthcare SEO experience has supported healthcare companies in not just their organic growth as a site and brand, but also in improving visibility amongst a relevant target audience.

Our Healthcare SEO Services

Healthcare Content Creation

Creating content for healthcare brings its own unique challenges as having accurate and up-to-date information is imperative. Healthcare sites are heavily scrutinised and people’s well-being is often at stake, so creating impactful and appropriate content can be a challenge.

This is an incredibly important part of the process though and is worth the time and effort it takes. High-quality, relevant content marketing not only provides your reader with useful information but also tells Google what kind of services you offer, whether it’s e-sports, casinos or online gambling. From here, it can begin boosting your business up in the rankings and you can also distribute this content in order to build brand awareness and high-quality backlinks.

On-Page SEO

Your healthcare website is the first thing visitors will see when they are introduced to your business and what you have to offer. Our on-page SEO best practices will ensure what you’re offering is up to scratch.

We’d take a thorough look at what you’re website looks like from users’ perspective, understanding any clear gaps in content or pages that should be added that would not just benefit a user, but improve your rankings within Google.

Technical SEO

Actioning technical SEO tactics for your healthcare SEO strategy, Six Search ensures they’re tailor-made and the exact right fit for your business so we hit every target and goal. These techniques can vary depending on what your business needs, but often include a full website audit to identify any page speed, crawlability, user accessibility and navigational experience issues.

From here, Six Search’s team will use these results to inform any future decisions, so you can watch your rankings rise and other boosts across your business.

Healthcare Digital PR

Healthcare digital PR services with Six Search’s focus on utilising every aspect your brand has to offer. From creative campaigns to newsjacking, we will make sure your business’ name and messaging will be in hyper-relevant news publications, boosting traffic and building links in the process.

Our digital PR services utilise high-quality link-building tactics and effective content marketing, working closely with you to help get your brand ahead of your competitors.

At Six Search, our digital PR experts have efficiently developed their processes to put our 14 years of industry expertise to use, growing brands and winning results for clients.

Link Building

Link building is an incredibly rewarding tactic to include in any healthcare SEO process, but it is also a longer-term tactic that takes a careful and expert approach.

The team at Six Search will take into account the additional sensitives and difficulties faced with creating healthcare content with the purpose of building links. But these extra steps are worth it, earning backlinks to your business or brand from other high-domain sites can boost your site higher up in the rankings and put you in front of a relevant player base.

Healthcare SEO Consultancy

At Six Search, we take pride in our SEO experience, but we don’t just tell you what needs to be done. We’ll provide you with solutions that will stand the test of time along with clear and easy-to-understand directions on how to action any recommendations we have. Our healthcare SEO consultancy service works by collaborating directly with you, so you know you’re getting a tailor-made service that puts the expert’s knowledge in your hands.

Whether your automotive business needs a full technical audit, a scaleable SEO strategy or on-page and off-page changes (or the full package), the consultancy service will leave you with an understanding of SEO opportunities and how to improve your business, along with any potential pitfalls.

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