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Link building is an integral tactic, sometimes used within strategies and campaigns, in which communication and content are used to secure links back to the brand’s website from external sites.

Utilising other sites’ domain authority to your advantage can also push your site higher up in the rankings. Google recognises how many established and trusted sites directly point to yours using links.

But you have to earn your place on the site to gain these links. Many agencies are choosing to buy links to secure their place or opting to use spammy sites irrelevant to their industry or service/product.

Choosing sites carefully based on audience, authority and reputation is fundamental for link builders when creating a solid foundation for your site to grow.

There’s next to no point in building links from irrelevant sites, as whilst it may push your site further up the ranks, the traffic is less likely to convert as the audience isn’t as interested. Meanwhile, the site’s authority can depend on how old the site is and how many strong backlinks they have.

But which link-building strategies translate into success for your site?


Making link-building work for you

Google’s methods for measuring the true value of a good link will forever be a mystery for SEO link building workers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt our processes to get great results.

With over 14 years of experience in the SEO industry, our team ensures our link-building services are effective and bring results. Creating content that is engaging, useful, and, most importantly, linkable is fundamental.

By researching your industry, we ensure that every piece of content is relevant to your brand, product or services and the sites we want to link back to you. Whether that’s from a guest post offering expert insight into a topic or a relevant case study a journalist is looking for, the content must be relevant.

Using industry-standard tools, the processes ensure that any linkable assets we create for your brand are relevant and hit keywords and points—whether that’s an infographic, a how-to guide, or an online tool.

Whatever the content entails, we ensure that you have the authority to speak on it. This will further establish your credibility within the media and reinforce that trust with any traffic coming from the high-quality link.

Monitoring what types of stories, content or media relations are earning the most high-quality backlinks is another way to ensure you’re keeping ahead of the curve.

Why will link building help my website?

We’re driven to reach the number of links to your site that your brand may need to improve traffic, sales and rankings because we know how important it is to see long-term results.

Any good link building agency knows how brand authority can impact everything across the board, from sales to reputation and media placement. Having a strong authority online by having an extensive backlink profile reinforces this.

Earning links also puts your site onto new screens, referring to organic traffic that could convert into sales. Having people talk about your brand in reference to quality, highly relevant content they’ve seen is fantastic for building a brand reputation.

Let the links do the work for you. Link building has developed over the years, and even though it may have changed slightly, the principle hasn’t. If you invest in earning and building good quality backlinks now, you’ll see sustained success in the future.

Why work with Six Search

Unlike other local SEO companies in Liverpool, we act as an extension of your brand. That means learning what a good ROI looks like to you, and understanding how new objectives will affect the next phase of your business. Our data-driven local search approaches are always led by your business needs.

Our work is always set on one goal: conversions. As SEO practices and your local search marketing evolves, we’ll ensure that both align.

And if something isn’t working, we’ll say so. We’re brand partners, not ‘yes’ men. Six Search is focused on getting the absolute most from your investment – whether that’s for a one-off project or continuous local search marketing services.

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