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Website Migration Service, the Six Search Way

Six Search has migrated 100s of websites, and in our experience, it’s one of the tasks that brands take lightly. A website migration isn’t a simple 301 redirect; we have a process that has been developed over the years, and we continuously strive to find that extra 1% to ensure that we minimise traffic loss when migrating a website.

If you’re making significant website changes, developing a new Shopify store and need to migrate your Magento site we are there to help.

Our web migration experts can advise on the following:

  • Domain Migrations: Changing your website URL from “” to “”
  • Protocol Migrations: Changing your website protocol from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Subdomain Migrations: Changing your website from “” to “”
  • Top-level domain Migrations: Changing your website URL from a to a .org, .com, etc.
  • Content Management System Migrations: Moving your website from your current CMS to a new one, for instance, moving from WordPress to Joomla.
  • Redesign Migrations: Modifications that range from minor aesthetic changes to a full website redesign with major code and copy changes.
  • Structural Migrations: Changing the website structure or the user flow of a website or URL structure.

Our Website Migration Process

Website migrations are not as simple as swapping content from one site to another. They can be very complicated if you don’t have a strategic and comprehensive migration plan.

Our technical SEO team has a tried and tested website migration checklist for this process, ensuring everything goes smoothly from start to finish. We know the challenges that can arise, and we know how to navigate them.

How we ensure migration success:

  • Benchmarking: setting out measurable and realistic objectives for the migration
  • Planning: allocating the right timeframe and sufficient resources to the project
  • UX and SEO Management: improving user experience without losing SEO content or search results rankings
  • Pre and Post-Launch Testing: thorough testing of your site from technical, SEO and Google Analytics standpoints.
  • Bug Fixing: efficient response to bugs, post-launch
  • Education: guidance on how and why website migrations need investment and flexible time frames

This list is not exhaustive, as every website migration is different and will have its own unique demands.

Why Should an SEO Agency Lead Your Website Migration?

Whether you’re improving the URL structure or changing your domain name, website migrations are an exciting opportunity to give your website a much-needed update, improved customer experience or technical change.

Every type of website migration brings its own risks to SEO, and not planning ahead for these can come at the expense of your hard-earned rankings.

Our development and SEO teams have identified these risks, ensuring that we avoid them and create a bulletproof migration strategy that is successful while preserving and improving your SEO performance.

Why work with Six Search

Unlike other technical SEO agencies, we act as an extension of your brand. That means learning what a good ROI looks like to you, and understanding how new objectives will affect the next phase of your SEO campaign. Your business needs lead our data-driven approaches and are agile without compromise.

Our work always focuses on one goal: conversions. As SEO practices and your website evolve, we’ll ensure that both align.

And if something isn’t working, we’ll say so. We’re brand partners, not ‘yes’ men. Six Search is focused on getting the absolute most from your investment – whether that’s for a one-off website migration project or a more traditional SEO service.

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