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Grow your organisation’s YouTube channel and increase search visibility with our YouTube SEO Services.

Six Search is an experienced YouTube SEO agency with a team of video optimisation specialists. Our YouTube SEO services will help your business boost your online presence and grow your YouTube channel.

We’ve helped our clients, large and small, fully optimise their videos and rank higher on YouTube. We know the dedication it takes to see business growth online, and we have the skills to make it happen.

Why do you need a YouTube SEO?

Video content matters more today than ever and is used to support nearly every aspect of marketing. Since YouTube SEO determines whether people see your videos or not, it is a crucial aspect of any modern online marketing strategy.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and processes more than 3 million searches each month. It’s a powerful source of information for people who are ready to learn, watch, and be entertained. And with almost 1 billion unique users on YouTube, that means nearly 1 out of every 2 internet users are on YouTube, making it a search platform you can’t afford to miss.

YouTube as a lead generator:

  • Allows for high engagement with viewers
  • 53 times easier to rank a video on YouTube than an article on a search engine
  • Has worldwide viewership

But with so many content creators out there, your videos not only need to be creative and engaging, but also fully optimised for search.

Without the help of YouTube SEO, it’s quite easy for a company to fall behind its competitors, even if you are constantly uploading videos.

How can a YouTube SEO agency help your business?

No matter the topic, video SEO strategies can be used to help grow your channel, increase video views, likes subscribers and engagement, and while also boosting your online visibility. For some audiences, video content is the most popular form of content, making video SEO even more important than website SEO.

Higher rankings on YouTube means more clicks, more engagement, and more users. And with YouTube being the fastest growing video sharing website in the world, it is the optimal place for video content.

Since YouTube was bought by Google in 2006, optimising for YouTube can be an even more powerful SEO strategy than other forms. Since Google has access to all of the information and optimisation that is provided with your videos, optimising for YouTube is essentially optimising for Google, as well.

Our YouTube SEO services will help your videos:

  • Rank in Google
  • Gain More Subscribers
  • Achieve More Engagement
  • Attain Higher Organic Rankings
  • Increase Unique Views
  • Appear In ‘Suggested Video’ Recommendations


How we do YouTube SEO?

Keyword Research

We’ll identify exactly what your users are searching for, and use this to guide our SEO strategy and get your videos viewed by the right people.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll analyse your competitors to see what they’re performing well at, and identify any content gaps or opportunities. We’ll also review engagements and artwork.

Optimising Titles, Descriptions and Tags

We use keyword research to determine the best optimisation for all of your video’s metadata, from the video title and description to the tags used to identify it.

Video Thumbnail Optimisation

We’ll help you create eye-catching and engaging thumbnails to increase clicks across all of YouTube and Google’s platforms.

Video Engagement Training

Our video experts will help you fully understand how to effectively increase engagement, and will give you the training and tools necessary to ensure optimisation in the future.

Trending Opportunities Analysis

We’ll help you identify new ideas for videos and help you stay on top of what’s trending, with help from YouTube data, keyword research, and Google trends.

Video Conversion Optimisation

We’ll use tried and tested conversion optimization strategies to turn your YouTube videos into converting machines, with relevant topics, highly targeted audiences, and CTA optimisation.

Reporting on Historical and Current Metrics

We stay on top of your YouTube’s performance metrics, such as views and clicks, and will use this to identify any areas of improvement or trending opportunities.

YouTube SEO Consultants

YouTube SEO is a whole different ball game. You may be a top-notch video content creator, but if you don’t know search engine best practices or what’s being talked about online, it can be like fishing in the dark. How will you know what content people want to consume? How will you ensure your video content will be seen and rank well on YouTube?

At SixSearch, we take pride in our YouTube SEO knowledge. We don’t just tell you what needs to be done and give you a fix-it list without explanation. Our consultant service is based on bringing you the best YouTube SEO expertise around to help you achieve your business and YouTube goals.

We take a collaborative approach to our work with you, helping you understand YouTube SEO opportunities and trade-offs so you can make successful, scalable decisions for your business.

We’ll even provide you with YouTube SEO best practice guidelines so you can futureproof your YouTube strategy.

With our YouTube SEO consulting, you will:

  • Find, understand and reach the right audiences
  • Learn best practices to help increase your YouTube visibility.
  • See higher viewer engagement.
  • Get true insight into your competitors, the market, and what’s trending 
  • Work out the best marketing investment decisions based on a realistic forecast of your business 
  • Have direct access to YouTube SEO experts
  • Receive ongoing support and clear communication throughout

What are YouTube's ranking factors?

While the official algorithm for ranking is tightly guarded by Google and YouTube, through search engine optimisation research and input from SEO experts, we’ve determined that YouTube uses the following signals to determine rankings:

  • Channel keywords: keywords associated with your channel itself
  • Video titles: The video title is entered during uploading.
  • Video description: the description of your video.
  • Video filename: the name of the video file uploaded to YouTube.
  • Video tags: keywords and tags that can be added to your video during or after uploading.
  • User experience metrics: data collected by YouTube about how often your video is viewed or clicked on.
  • Watch times: how long viewers watch and complete viewings versus bounces.
  • Views: total video views by unique visitors.

These are only some of the many ranking signals that YouTube will use to determine rankings. Some of the same tactics from website SEO can be applied to YouTube SEO as well, with backlinks and link authority also playing a role, but they are significantly less important ones.

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