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Attract and retain top talent with Six Search’s digital marketing services for the recruitment industry.

Digital Marketing for Recruitment

Getting ahead of your competitors and being the first business job seekers see when searching for a new role isn’t easy. However, expert help will enhance your recruitment process with effective and strong services that your business can use to make sure the ideal candidate is reached.

Six Search expertise has curated digital marketing tools and techniques that are used to proper your brand’s message mission and commitments throughout your recruitment stages. Taking the time to fully understand your business, job openings are boosted to make them more engaging, making talent acquisition more likely and potential candidates more suitable.

It’s straightforward too. Six Search works to secure great results with expertly conducted digital marketing strategies.

Six has years of industry wisdom ready for you to make the best of. Hard work and clever digital recruitment tactics make it easier to get you ahead of your competition, even in an oversaturated market. But we take it one step further as it’s not just about beating your competitors. We make sure that we’re placing your brand in front of the right people, communicating a message that is impactful and representative of what you are.

It’s these approaches that sets Six Search apart from other recruitment marketing agencies – we are passionate about what we do and experts in how we do it.

Enjoy the results of an expert recruitment marketing agency

Talent acquisition and recruitment strategies need a careful hand, balancing the need to drown out competitors with targeted content and approaching top talent without being overbearing and pushy.

In order to boost brand visibility and improve your career site’s rankings, Six Search strikes the perfect balance between these two necessities, attracting the right candidates across search engine results, social media searches and job openings on job boards and listings.

The expert team behind the recruitment marketing solutions at Six Search have developed stand-out marketing tactics and processes that are designed to attract and engage. Not only that, the tailor-made tactics will work to place you as an employer and a brand as a hot commodity on the job market – a key asset in such a competitive market.

Rely on Six Search expertise, facts and data to make the hiring process smoother and yield better results.

That way you can rest easy knowing the technical stuff will be taken care of by us, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters, and enjoying the results.

You won’t be kept in the dark though. Every detail you need to know from open positions, social media platforms used, recruitment strategies to overall applications will be communicated with you.


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Making Google for Jobs Work for You

Google for Jobs began in 2018 and quickly became a huge competitor to the headlining online job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor. As a result, Google for Jobs has become a fundamental factor in building careers websites and recruitment marketing, so having experts in the search engine looking after your campaign is the true key to success.

Employers have a huge scope of rewards to reap from the effective use of Google for Jobs.

Six Search SEO team are experts in using its features to boost brand presence for recruitment activities, pushing you further up in the search results. Having more people see what you’re offering and attracting much more suitable candidates, means that the first impressions of your brand will be one of credibility and authority.

Google can be a tricky one to understand, that’s why Six Search has spent years becoming specialists in the search engine so that you don’t have to. Passionate about the power of Google, we’ll ensure that any work we do for your business will have the full force of search engines behind it.

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