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Improve website performance with technical SEO services.

Technical SEO foundations of a website are crucial to a website’s overall health and organic search visibility. Effective technical SEO allows your website to be easily read and indexed by Google and other search engines – so it can perform at its maximum potential against your competitors.

For nearly a decade, the Six Search team has provided clients with technically excellent websites to ensure success and improve their digital presence.

From in-depth technical and site speed audits to website migrations and server log file analysis, our technical SEO agency in Liverpool delivers industry-leading expertise to drive real value and ROI.

Our Technical SEO Services

There are not two websites that are the same, and every website presents its own set of unique technical SEO challenges. We have refined a bespoke approach to identifying what’s holding your site back you, and provide the technical expertise necessary to tackle it. Our technical SEO services include

Website Migrations

An agency’s talent is based on its ability to migrate a website from one instance to another with minimal loss of traffic.

Our approach ensures there is minimal risk to your organic search visibility. We will work with you to scope the entire project end to end including a roll back plan should the worst happen

On-Going Indexing Support

Google Search Console (GSC) is our bible and plays a critical role GSC plays in monitoring and improving your website’s findability in search engine results.

Our team is to GSC what Messi is to the MLS, and although Indexation is not a ranking factor, you have a cat-in-hells chance of ranking if you don’t have a solid strategy and understanding of how to handle indexation issues.



Site Speed Optimisation

Page speed has officially been a ranking factor since 2018, and with the ever-growing rise of mobile searches, it’s easy to see why. Site speed is an area of SEO we take incredibly seriously.

Our team will work with you to identify areas for improvement and recommend changes to improve your site speed.



Technical SEO Consultancy

We take pride in our technical SEO knowledge and want to share it. We don’t just tell you what needs to be done and give you a fix-it list without explanation.

Our technical SEO consultant service is based on bringing you the best technical SEO expertise around to help you achieve your business goals. We take a collaborative approach to our work with you, helping you understand the value of technical SEO opportunities.


Technical SEO Audits & Recommendations

We are not huge advocates of audits without clearly defined action. Our technical SEO site audit agency audits provide a jumping-off point for website improvements, finding indexing issues, redirect issues, and 404s.

We’ll quickly identify areas of weakness with quick-win solutions while creating a prioritised strategy highlighting any technical issues that could be holding you back. After the audit, we will insist on providing an actionable list that is easy to understand and work through.


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Direct Access to Technical SEO Specialist

We have a deep respect for our client’s budgets, and we believe to maximise your budget, having direct links to our technical SEO specialists who have a trained eye for optimising website performance enables smoother, more direct communication and less time on calls and more time doing.

Our technical SEO team will look behind the curtain and conduct an in-depth analysis of page speed, crawlability, user accessibility, and navigational experience. Without these crucial aspects of technical SEO, even the best-laid content and SEO strategies will struggle to see results.


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