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Use Google Analytics to it’s full potential.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are invaluable tools for truly understanding your website and providing actionable insights to support your marketing strategy.

So, suppose you’re looking for a Google Analytics consultant. We have you covered. Our team will remove the jargon and simply use complex metrics to give you a better understanding of visitor behaviour and website performance.

We’ll help you understand your collected data and show you how to use it to increase website sales and drive digital marketing strategies.

Our Google Analytics Support Services

Learn from your website’s data to increase traffic, improve customer experiences and increase the ROI on marketing spend with set up and ongoing support for your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts.

Diligent Onboarding

First, we’ll make sure that we’ve dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s on every contract. Then, we’ll work with you to ensure we have the correct level of access to all of your website tools and softwares.

Kick-off and Project Management

With all relevant stakeholders together, we’ll set out the objectives and key results.

We’ll ensure that each core point of contact has the required access and visibility for each tool. If any of the tools mentioned don’t meet your level of compliance, we’re happy to be flexible and use something else: as long as we can properly track and document what needs to be done.

In-Depth Analytics and Tracking Audit

Using our proven strategies, created with over 12 years of experience in the industry, we evaluate over 50 items. We’ll start with best practice and core fundamentals of enhanced eCommerce tracking. When available, we’ll also dive into the detail of your Google Tag Manager setup, highlighting any further improvements to the data layer.

Analytics and Tracking Analysis

We’ll begin journey mapping and ensure that you’re capturing and tracking the correct data points so you have the full picture of what changes are needed. We’ll set up dashboards and customised reporting to make sure we’re always working toward your business goals. And when we find any gaps, we’ll pick up a separate work stream to make sure nothing is missed.

Analytics Recommendations Report

We’ll give you a detailed report filled with actionable insights, not just buzzwords.

Wherever we find data gaps or room for improvement, we’ll highlight the best possible solution to the problem. Then, we’ll present all our findings in one detailed report. The report will provide a very clear view on the areas we reviewed, where the problems lie, the priority level, and what you should do about it. We’ll present this back to you in a key findings report.

Fix and Support

Once we’ve agreed on the priority list of fixes, it’s time to start executing the changes. This is where we’ll need the highest level of communication with you to ensure everything is implemented, quality assurance checked, and tracking correctly.

We’ll also provide documentation for each change, covering the what, why and how. And, we’ll provide Google Analytics support for up to one month after our work to ensure all your metrics are tracking correctly.

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