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UX & UI Design

Looking for UX & UI design services in Liverpool to transform your digital presence and user experience? At Six Search, we’ll work with you to define your design and business goals, and make sure they align to deliver your customers the best possible user journey.

For years, our UX & UI design services in Liverpool have been helping our clients bring their vision to life, with bespoke design solutions tailored to each business’s target audience with consistency and scalability throughout.

See how our bespoke user experience design solutions can help you.

UX and UI Designers and Developers

Unlike most digital agencies, our designers and developers work closely together, collaborating on a product’s design and development from start to finish. This allows us to create design solutions that are both intuitive to use, as well as tailored to match the specific tasks that users are trying to complete.

If a design needs a tweak, our designers are ready and aware of the changes needed. If we need new development, our developer is on hand to get it done at pace.

Using the most accepted and acknowledged industry techniques, We always work to ensure we’re delivering your projects in the most efficient way possible and always on time.

Our UX & UI Design Services

Your website is one of your most powerful branding tools. The experienced UX & UI developers and designers at Six Search love to work with brands of all sizes and help them grow.

Our UX & UI Design services include:

UX and UI for Mobile Apps

We create mobile app experiences that will draw in your users, taking into consideration their needs before, during, and after the app experience to create an engaging customer journey

UX Design for Websites

Our UX designers and developers create engaging websites that improve customer journeys, increase conversions, and increase engagement. With website UX planning and strategy, and responsive mobile design, we’ll ensure that your website is optimised for all sizes of devices.

UI and UX Consulting

Our design specialists can help establish best practices within your organisation and help futureproof your design needs. We can provide consulting on UX workflows, processes, tools, and help provide long-lasting value to your design teams.

Digital Transformation

We’ll help you combine your offline and online experience to help transform your product. Using our best practice knowledge and the latest design tools, we’ll help connect all of your user touchpoints to create an omnichannel experience.

UI Product Design

We partner with clients on their ongoing journey to develop new digital products and customer experiences that not only look great, but actually address the needs and pain points of the users.

Our UX & UI Design Process


User Research

We take the time to fully understand your user’s needs and behaviours, with user personas, surveys, customer journey mapping, user flows, and even user interviews.


Design Analysis

We’ll conduct a competitor analysis and market analysis to better understand what’s working in your industry and what your users love to see.


UX Strategy

Applying our thorough user experience research and design analysis, we’ll create a bespoke UX and UI strategy to tie it all together into one beautiful user journey.


Wireframes & Prototyping

We’ll create wireframes and begin architecture mapping the user’s journey, gathering ideas and reevaluating as needed until we create a concept you love. We’ll also create clickable prototype of the design to validate user experience elements and test user interactions.


Development & Testing

Once we’ve finalised a design, our development team will get to work in making your concept a reality. We’ll conduct internal testing, user testing, and identify any issues that arise to ensure they are addressed before launch.


Post-launch Monitoring & Analysis

After the launch, we’ll monitor how your users respond to the user interface, and making sure your product keeps ticking along smoothly, and keeping you informed of any changes.

Integrated SEO Strategy

SEO is at the heart of what we do, and now more than ever, user experience has a major impact on where you appear in search results. Both UX and SEO share a common goal: to provide the optimal user experience. Elements of UX such as site speed, navigation, and accessibility tie into this.

At Six Search, our UX and UI designers and developers incorporate SEO-boosting elements into our designs, to ensure that we’re creating a website, product or app that is optimised for both the audience and for search engines.

Why work with Six Search?

Unlike other UX & UI design agencies, we act as an extension of your brand. That means learning what a good ROI looks like to you, and understanding how new business objectives will impact your design. Our data-driven approaches are led by your business needs and are agile without compromise.

Our work is always set on one goal: conversions. As user experience practices and your business evolves, we’ll ensure that both align.

And if something isn’t working, we’ll say so. We’re brand partners, not ‘yes’ men. Six Search is focused on getting the absolute most from your investment – whether that’s for a one-off project or continuous UX & UI design services.

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