Free SEO Tools You Need In Your Business Toolbox

Earning the best results possible from your SEO efforts is a satisfying experience. But, without the support of an SEO agency like Six Search, most will rely on free SEO tools to get the job done.

If you ask any SEO professional what their favourite tool is, they’re likely to reel off a laundry list of different software, tools and systems they believe are the roots of their success. It can get even more overwhelming once you realise the full extent of the tools available, and it can be quite difficult to narrow them down to tools that are effective and affordable.

Of course, there is value in the premium tools that you can implement into your working schedule. Over time, however, the costs begin to add up. So, to avoid breaking the bank, free SEO tools are a great way to keep costs down while still having access to the support and benefits a tool brings.

To give you a helping hand, the team at Six Search has pulled together a list of free-to-use tools that will support your SEO journey. Our List will look at the following tools:

What is a free SEO tool?

Before you begin signing up for a bunch of free SEO tools, understanding the gaps you want to fill is the first step.

A free SEO tool is a piece of software or website that provides insight through data and alerts regarding a wide variety of things. This can cover either a website, specific trends, keywords and more, and often help to highlight any opportunities or weaknesses that need to be considered throughout your SEO campaign.

But don’t just implement any free SEO tool you can get your hands on, choose them carefully to avoid overloading yourself with information that you don’t need.

Whether you’re looking to update your free SEO tools or you’re starting from the beginning, Six Search experts have done the hard work for you and compiled their favourite free SEO tools…

Dead links can be extremely harmful to a website’s health, signalling to Google that the site may not be as high quality as it is, and not worth directing people to. Over time, this can damage a website’s reputation within the algorithm, pushing it further and further down in the rankings.

Any dead links must be highlighted and rectified as soon as possible, but they can be difficult to spot if you’re not constantly reviewing the backlink profile. Dead Link Checker will check for broken links on your website for free, and you can even sign up and schedule automatic checks to keep you up to date.

Utilising AlsoAsked gives you access to information based on what people are searching online. Whether it’s directly on the site or imported data in the form of a graph, you can use the data to guide you on any future work, especially for search-focused pieces.

The free SEO tool allows you to use 10 searches a month, including filters to see where people are answering, how old they are and more.

Website speed is key to proving to Google that your business is worth promoting to searchers, as if it is slower, it’s off-putting to users.

GTMetrix is a free tool that you can use to test your website’s speed and performance, including the individual pages. It will give you a score and even give you a recommendation on how to improve any issues found and reinforce the positives that already exist.

Schema markup in SEO campaigns can provide a much-needed boost to your efforts, but can also be a difficult element to implement if you’re not as technically inclined. Having a piece of software that can generate scheme markup for you makes this process much smoother so it becomes a bonus instead of an obstacle to try and overcome.

We recommend Schema Markup Generator on The free SEO tools provides a structured data generator includes all the required item properties and is simple and easy to use by creating the right schema code based on the type you’ve selected. It has plenty of value too as schema markup can help Google to understand what your content is offering, and offers the chance of rich snippets and higher click-through rates.

A great way to do a quick audit and generate a basic task list before going into more detail is by analysing the website’s speed in detail.

Page Speed provides a technical overview of your on-page SEO as well as your content, with a breakdown that highlights any opportunities to improve it. This is also a great tool if you’re experiencing issues but you aren’t sure why helping you to rule out or narrow down any concerns.

Having large images can slow down a website as it takes longer to load larger file sizes, impacting speed and Google’s opinion on your website. If a search engine deems your website too slow to load, it is less likely to recommend it to searchers, and it can severely impact your rankings.

To avoid this, optimising your images is key. We recommend using TinyPNG to reduce file size whilst keeping the quality of the image. Dialling down the file size and reuploading the smaller version will drastically improve site speed and be another task you can tick off your list in just a few minutes.

Google Search Console will help you monitor your website traffic, optimise rankings and use site search results to make future decisions. Google Analytics contains valuable data that your business can use to monitor a site’s SEO performance, including any keywords and more.

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