Content Goals: What Should Copywriting Aim To Achieve

In this blog, we look at what copywriting aims to achieve. While it’s good to have words on your site, copywriting isn’t just about filling up the page with words and moving on to the next task. There’s so much more to copywriting than hammering the keyboard for eight hours daily. Fulfilling the task requires a lot more than hitting the word count.

Good copywriters keep a set of goals in mind throughout a task. Here are a few of the important ones that highlight the method behind a good copywriter’s work:

What should copywriting aim to achieve:

Engage the audience

We know that the phrase “engaging the audience” is thrown around copywriting circles way too much, but it’s perhaps the most important rule. And it would be best if you had this engagement to kick in as soon as possible. Grab your audience, engage them and forge that rapport wherever they are.

And the best way of doing that is by creating content that is useful and interesting. If your audience is feeling like they’re getting something out of it, they’ll keep reading on. Heck, they might even like and share it!

Solve problems

A good copywriter should do the same. Figure out what your audience’s problems and fears are and make your message overcome them. From the beginning through to the end, your copy should solve their problems.

For example, if you were writing for a skip-hire company, an industry that may seem like the Wild West. Grubby is a bit intimidating and one of the least glamorous clients you could choose. The cowboy image is down to a small percentage of businesses, but it affects the whole market. Hiring a skip is seen as a macho, cash-in-hand, nod-and-a-wink type of business – which alienated a fair share of its audience.

Who would want to use a service which, at best, was a bit dodgy, at worst, criminal? Copywriters can change all that with our strapline “Skip hire made easy”, and build trust by explaining the pricing, how much waste would be recycled, how long they could keep the skip for – and all their other questions in a pleasant, friendly manner.

Think about how far your words may travel. In this example, your words may be painted wagons and skips.

Remove Doubts

Overcoming objections is key to successful copy. Producing persuasive content is all about understanding all possible doubts that could come from the audience. Is it a price thing? Does it cover their area? Will it take too much time? Is it too complicated? From the beginning through to the end, your copy should change the minds of a cynical reader by addressing any possible doubt you can foresee.

Attract New Blood

It’s so important to be thankful for your existing customers, and they need to be nurtured and looked after. However, for your business to grow, you need to be able to attract new prospects. How do you do this with content? By making it utterly unique and compelling enough for people to deem it good enough to talk about and share on social media. Hook them in, and they will soon discover everything you offer.

Focus On Your Rep

Before you have a rep to protect, you need to build it. We’ve found the best way to do this is by building good quality content backed up with clever, nifty SEO. This way, our audience can find us more easily. And when they find us easily, search engines start paying attention. By acknowledging us as an authority site or using a post as a rich snippet, a newer, bigger audience comes our way.

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