UX Testing

Gain user insights & improve product success with UX testing

With years of experience in the digital industry, Six Search can help upgrade your organisation’s digital transformation with expert usability and user experience testing.

Our team of UX researchers provide you with an unbiased view of your product. We will swiftly and efficiently test your website, mobile apps, and more, quickly identifying issues you didn’t even know you had and helping you form an action plan to resolve them.

Whether you’re starting a brand new website or your product has already been developed, our sophisticated usability testing methods will help you get a detailed perspective of how to make your product deliver a better customer experience across the board.

Leave the hassle of usability testing to the experts. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Our Usability & UX Testing Services

Our user experience teams provide a wide range of usability testing services, providing a bespoke UX testing service for your unique product. Our usability testing services include:

Usability and UX Research

We’ll fully test your website, application, or product, for intuitiveness and comprehensibility.

Competitor Analysis

We run an in-depth analysis to compare your digital products with those of your competitors.

Prototype Evaluation

Get valuable feedback from your customers from the beginning of product development.

Remote Usability Video

Gain a better understanding of the thoughts and behaviours of your users with video recordings.

Quantitative Usability Study

We’ll help you quantify and benchmark the UX of your product, so you can better understand its improvement.

Remote Interviews

We conduct remote interviews to communicate live with users as they test your website, app, or product.

Comparison Studies

Get direct user feedback, and let the users decide which form of your digital product is best.

Information Architecture

We’ll determine the best information architecture or menu structure.

How can UX testing help my business?

UX testing focuses solely on the user experience, ensuring that they will always have a good experience with your interface. UX and usability testing services can provide invaluable insight, especially given that a majority of users will abandon a website or app after just one bad experience.

Or worse, they may leave a bad rating in the App store or share their negative experience on social networks, which could in turn keep others from trying your product. In most competitive industries, usability testing is essential to product success.

Tecmark’s usability testing service provides your team of developers, designers, project managers, and more with valuable insights into the user’s perspective of your website or app.

Our team of UX professionals in Manchester have a broad knowledge of possible issues that your designers and developers may not have considered. Our UX testing method involves many different types of usability testing, so we can ensure we’re gathering as much insight as possible, and haven’t missed a thing.

Get critical insights with continuous UX testing.

Let us catch problems early and save big on design and development costs with continuous UX testing from your project’s start.

Our rigorous testing and idea validation methods will help ensure that you’re not missing out on any key usability problems in the prototype stage, so when your product is ready to be developed, you can be confident in what you deliver.

Get valuable feedback from real users.

We’ll work with you to define your target audience and how they use your services, allowing us to form a usability testing strategy that highlights real usability issues your customers would face.

Our range of testing methods, from remote interviews to prototype evaluations, allow us to utilise the most appropriate types of user testing for your market so you can see the problems, questions, and thoughts that users have while interacting with your website, app, or product.

Why work with Six Search?

Unlike other usability testing teams, our experts work as an extension of your brand. That means fully understanding your project and your business objectives, and how they will impact your user experience. We provide direct, unbiased, and knowledgeable feedback from our user tests, and always ensure your target audience is represented.

Our data-driven UX research approaches are led by your business needs and are agile without compromise. We have a proven track record of successful project delivery, with our proven and agile UX testing and UX design services. As user behaviours and your project evolves, we make sure that both align.

And if something isn’t working, we’ll say so. We’re UX partners, not ‘yes’ men. Tecmark is focused on getting the absolute most from your investment – whether that’s for a one-off project or continuous UX and usability testing services.

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